Toddlers are active learners. That is why design environments to keep their fingers busy and their minds occupied and happy. This makes for a stimulating day for toddlers, and one rich with nurturing attention from our caring staff.

Making Friends

As toddlers learn more about themselves and their abilities, they become aware of their social setting. With frequent opportunities for group experiences, they gain group-time incorporates a number activities, such as songs, games, stories, and more.

Creative Arts

Exploring art materials and experiencing music, dance, and drama enrich our surroundings. We reinforce important objectives through these creative, fun experiences each day. Creative Arts activities introduce toddlers to cause and effect. They learn self-expression through art and music, and through taking on pretend roles.

Building Bodies

Toddlers are naturally curious and want to explore the world around them. We have designed our spaces with equipment to support safe exploration so your child has room to discover, build motor skills, and improve coordination. Activities focus on experimenting with space to develop balance, hand-eye coordination, participation in creative movements to music, and much more.

First Words

A foundation for reading success begins as early as the first few months of life. Introducing toddlers to books and language nourishes early literacy development. Toddlers focus on first words and phrases, vocabulary development, learning to follow simple directions, and identifying and naming familiar items.

Brain Games

Toddlers need an environment that is safe & interesting to explore, with success to caring adults who respond to their physical, emotional and intellectual needs. Our program offers children a variety of stimulating activities through the fun of matching and sorting, exploring colors, counting, and categorizing objects.

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