Fire Prevention Month

Greetings Camden Kids Families,

Did you know……The U.S fire administration reports that fires kill more than 4,000 Americans each year, and injures approximately 20,00 more?
As we all know, October is fire prevention month. Teachers all around the country will be taking this opportunity to introduce fire safety and fire prevention to their students. We will be introducing the concepts using literature, books, theme-based projects, and role play. Some fun and exciting projects to look for coming home include;

Handprint Fireman

Geometric Firetrucks

F is for Fireman

Flaming 911!

Beyond the Classroom

Learning is enhanced when it continues beyond the classroom. Here are some fun and exciting thing you can do with your child to continue learning at home.

  • Complete our home fire inspection checklist
  • Have your child help you complete our home fire plan worksheet
  • Practice executing your fire plan
  • Discuss what to do in different situations (Fire is outside the escape door, smoke fills the room, child’s clothes catch fire

Fire Safety Tips

  • Check smoke alarms make sure smoke alarms are no more than ten years old. Replace batteries when needed
  • Keep plugs safe; Unplug all appliances when not in use
  • Make sure to keep anything that could catch fire at least 3feet away from space heaters and make sure there is ample space around.
  • Create an escape route (pick up a copy from our front desk)
  • Clean dryer vents
  • Avoid electric fires by preventing circuit overloads, and avoiding loose outlet

Books to check out at your local library

  1. No Dragons for Tea by Jean E. Pendziwol
  2. Fire Fire by Gail Gibbons
  3. Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill by Jamie Harper
  4. Sparks Storybook Bible (available at CK)

*The story of the burning bush
*The story of the fiery Furnace

Upcoming Events

  • Volunteer Reader Bible stories October 7th2016
  • Fireman and Firetruck visit October 11th, 2016
  • Volunteer Reader Bible stories October 14th2016
  • Volunteer Reader Bible stories October 28th2016
  • Trunk or Treat October 30th, 2016 5pm to 7pm